After a decade of having computers around me, here I am with my first blog. Yes, it took so long for this baby to arrive! With the dawn of Web2.0 the social web and blogging came to the front-line and people around were all putting up their own blogs, and I kept saying to myself, ” wait for it… “.  I call this blog “Binary and Between”, and will cater to all things I love about Computing. Binary and Between would also mean – truth, false and the fogy stuff in between and therefore will also hopefully house stuff that relates to these ideas too.

Well, forgot something! I am Renjith a Computer Science graduate from Kerala, India. I consider myself a true CS enthusiast, I love to program and also finds interest in Art, Science and Philosophy.

Noticed the title of this intro post? Well its not any ordinary WordPress default Hello World post title, its more its a string!!! (LOL, its in double quotes!) Hello World is a very special string in the world of programming and is considered the first and only string that ought to be produced by the first program anyone writes in a new programming language. I too follow this tradition generally. Let me not put this post to waste, Wikipedia has got an article on how this tradition started. I am not going to copy-paste that stuff, so read it here ( “abracadabra… let wikipedia be slashdotted by this post”, LOL). Years before I had decided that the first post of my blog would be about contradictions and paradoxes. I just incremented it here by 1 and so the first two post will be about paradoxes. I will try to keep this blog interesting, focusing on quality and not quantity, so lets get pardoxicated !